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2024 - 7 - 8

Chirag Shetty Slams Maharashtra Government for Unequal Treatment of Sports

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Badminton star Chirag Shetty criticizes Maharashtra govt for favoritism towards cricket, demands equal recognition for all sports.

Indian Badminton star, Chirag Shetty, has voiced his frustration with the Maharashtra government for its preferential treatment towards cricket over other sports. In a recent statement, Shetty highlighted the disparity in recognition between cricket and badminton, emphasizing the need for equal support and acknowledgment for all sports. His criticism comes in the wake of the lavish felicitation of the T20 World Cup-winning cricket team, while badminton achievements receive less attention. Shetty called for fair treatment and recognition of athletes across all sports disciplines.

Expressing his views further, Chirag Shetty condemned the government's biased approach and stressed the importance of valuing every sport equally. He mentioned that even though cricket holds a special place, other sports like badminton also require appreciation and support. Shetty's remarks underscore the need for a more inclusive and balanced outlook towards sports in India.

Chirag Shetty's stance resonates with the broader issue of unequal treatment of sports in India. He called for a shift in the government's mindset to recognize the efforts and achievements of athletes from various sports backgrounds. Shetty's advocacy for equal treatment aims to promote a more holistic sports culture that values diversity and excellence across all disciplines.

In conclusion, Chirag Shetty's vocal criticism highlights the ongoing debate on fair treatment and recognition in Indian sports. His call for equality and support for all sports reflects a growing sentiment among athletes and sports enthusiasts for a level playing field. Shetty's stand serves as a reminder of the importance of acknowledging and celebrating the hard work and dedication of athletes across diverse sporting domains.

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