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2024 - 7 - 8

Titan's Rollercoaster Ride: The Ups and Downs of Share Prices

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Find out why Titan's share price fell and what led to the downgrade by JPMorgan. Stay tuned for some surprising insights!

Titan, the renowned Indian jewelry and watch company, experienced a tumultuous time recently as its share price plummeted by over 3% following disappointing Q1 results. The domestic jewelry sector, a key revenue driver, saw only an 8% year-on-year growth due to weakened consumer demand. This setback was exacerbated by high gold prices and fewer wedding days, impacting overall business performance.

JPMorgan's downgrading of Titan's stock further intensified the situation. The brokerage firm predicted increased promotional activities by the company, leading to a negative impact on margins. Consequently, Titan's stock slumped by up to 4%, with a reduced target price. The market turned cautious post-Q1 results, with JPMorgan shifting its rating from 'overweight' to 'neutral,' reflecting the company's challenging business environment.

Despite the downturn, Titan remains a prominent player in the Indian market, known for its quality products and innovative designs. The company's resilience in the face of market fluctuations showcases its strong foundation and strategic planning. Investors and analysts will closely monitor Titan's future moves to gauge its recovery trajectory amidst evolving market conditions.

In a surprising turn of events, Titan's share price slid for the fifth consecutive session, indicating ongoing market volatility. JPMorgan's target price reduction to โ‚น3450 from โ‚น3850 underscores the prevailing uncertainties in the industry, emphasizing the need for strategic decision-making and adaptability in the ever-changing business landscape.

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Titan share price falls over 3% as Q1 jewellery business growth ... (Livemint)

Titan share price fell over 3% after its domestic jewellery operations disappointed with a growth of 8% YoY, impacted by weakness in consumer demand on ...

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Titan shares fall up to 4% on brokerage downgrades and target ... (Zee Business)

As JP Morgan anticipates rising promotional activity by the company which is margin-negative, it has downgraded Titan stock with reduced target price.

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Titan stock slumps 4% after JPMorgan downgrade following weak ... (Moneycontrol.com)

High gold prices, low wedding days resulted in subdued consumer demand, thereby impacting growth overall, Titan said while sharing its Q1 business update.

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Titan gets a downgrade as street turns cautious post Q1 business ... (CNBCTV18)

Brokerage firm JPMorgan downgraded Titan Co. Ltd. to "neutral" from its earlier rating of "overweight," after the company's June quarter business updated ...

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Titan shares fall 4% over weak Q1 update, JPMorgan downgrades ... (Hindustan Times)

Titan share price: Titan said that the weak business update was due to high gold prices, low wedding days and subdued consumer demand.

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titan shares: Titan shares fall 4% as weak Q1 update leads to target ... (The Economic Times)

Titan Company's shares dropped 4% on Monday due to lower-than-expected business growth, prompting target price cuts from global brokerages.

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Titan's Shares Sink 3% As Q1 Update Disappoints Brokerages ... (Benzinga India)

JPMorgan downgraded Titan from "overweight" to "neutral", cutting its target price to โ‚น3450 from โ‚น3850.

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Titan's Shares Sink 3% As Q1 Update Disappoints Brokerages ... (Investing.com India)

Benzinga - Titan (NS:TITN)'s share price was sliding on Monday morning, extending its losing streak to a fifth straight session. The stock went down over 3% ...

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